Multi storey buildings

MSBs have been introduced in Arba Minch and other Ethiopian cities as condominium houses. They are usually constructed at the edge of the city boundaries and have a standardized design which includes flush toilets. The pictures below show the situation at Bekele Mola, a condominium housing area at the upper town of Arba Minch. The current public water supply is only capable to serve water during four days a week. A storage system with several water tanks has been installed but is not functional due to organisational problems. Hence, the tenants rely on their own to provide water during the time without tap water.

msb1_small msb2_small


As consequence the lack of water leads to non functional flush toiletts and a problematic hygienic situation. The baseline analyses in CLARA revealed that residents of the MSBs suffer from significantly higher health risks from water borne diseases than the average population of Arba Minch. Therefore, at the beginning the installation of a pilot facility had highest priority. However, it was ensured by AWSSE the capacity of the water supply will be increased and all MSBs will be supplied with water for 7 days a week within the next months it was decided that no pilots will be implemented. Instead the possible solutions for MSBs will be evaluated on a theoretical basis since many comparable MSBs suffer from water shortage. A conceptual framework has been elaborated where the feasability of alternative water sources for toilett flushing and other uses are discussed:

- Water saving measures

- Rainwater harvesting

- Greywater treatment and use

- Wastewater treatment and use

The technical options have been evaluated in terms of technical, economical and orgnisational (O&M) aspects within overal water use concepts that aim on the beneficial use of water and sanitation by-products at the plots (e.g. urban gardening). The measures to reduce water consumption of the MSBs by resources-oriented solutions have been investigated. The different technical options investigated showed different potential to provide alternative water sources. Additionally, there applicability is stronly related to operation and maintenance capacities. To cover this issue and additional investigation was carried out. The final report on multi storey buildings can be downloaded here.

Considering the health risks that are related to the situation in the MSBs additional research was carried out. Besides that, the situation of water self storage which is present also beyond the MSBs in Arba Minch an additional investigation was carried out. The final report on risk research can be downloaded here.