• to strengthen local capacities to adopt, implement and operate integrated water supply and sanitation for small communities in rural areas and peri-urban areas, and

• to contribute to the achievement of the MDGs and to climate change adaptation in the African water sector.

Specific objectives:

• to assess and adapt existing low cost technologies for integrated decentralized water supply and sanitation systems for African conditions with the focus on reducing risks in water use and reuse of sanitation products.

• to improve the capability of water supply and sanitation systems to provide demand oriented water quality for reuse as well as products from sanitation,

• to develop a simplified planning tool for integrated water supply and sanitation systems for small communities and peri-urban areas that incorporates the key factors for success, i.e. operation and maintenance issues as well as reuse potential, and can be tailored to available local capacities, and

• to test and evaluate the simplified planning tool in different geographical regions in Africa to incorporate different economic, cultural and social boundary conditions.